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Baked pineapple

A recipe from Berto restaurant

Baked pineapple with Hibiscus jelly, pistachio sponge cake, yoghurt & lavender sorbet


1 ripe pineapple

Hibiscus jelly
125 g water
25 g sugar
5 g Hibiscus tea
1.2 g Agar Agar
1.5 gelatine sheets

Pistachio sponge cake
50 g almond powder
50 g pistachios
100 g sugar
150 g egg white
250 g flour
100 g egg yolk
green colouring

Yoghurt sorbet
2 dl Pur Natur semi-skimmed milk
2.5 dl Pur Natur natural yoghurt
1.7 dl Pur Natur fresh cream
120 g sugar
2 tablespoons lavender blossom



Slice the pineapple into square pieces without the core. Fry it in butter until nicely golden brown.

Hibiscus jelly
Boil the water and sugar. Add the hibiscus tea and allow to draw for 4 minutes. Strain, bring back to the boil and add the Agar Agar.
Add the soaked gelatine and pour out in to a tray to a thickness of 2 mm.
Allow to cool and cut to the required shape.

Sponge cake
Mix all the ingredients together to a fine consistency and add a few drops of green colouring.
Fill a siphon bottle and spray into a plastic beakers until 1/4 full. Heat for 30 seconds in the microwave.
Allow to cool and cut to the required quantity.

Yoghurt sorbet
Heat the milk, fresh cream and natural yoghurt and allow the lavender to draw for 5 minutes and pour everything through a strainer on to the sugar.
Spin in a sorbet machine


Place the warm pineapple on a plate with the rocky cake, arrange a quenelle of sorbet between the mounds and finish with a leaf of anise cress.

Photography: Heikki Verdurme