Recipes for every day

Butter waffles

Buckwheat pancakes

Skyr with homemade granola and apple

Frozen skyr with biscuits and chocolate

Lactose-free yogurt with mango, mint and lemongrass

Natural yogurt with apples and agave syrup

Natural yogurt and avocado smoothie

Creamy leek macaroni

Walnut tzatziki

Courgette and fromage frais quiche

Beetroot crisps with sour cream

Red cabbage soup with sour cream

Toasted oat flakes and hazelnuts with pomegranate fruit yogurt

Indian chicken with fresh yogurt

Chocolate pancakes with Petit Pur Natur banana

Tartlet with crème patissière of fresh milk and nuts

Salsify with buttermilk and pumpkin seeds

Pasta with buttermilk and kale

Pumpkin purée with fresh milk, cinnamon and brown sugar

French raisin toast with vanilla yogurt

Madeleines with fresh butter and orange

Biscoff with fresh butter

Vegetable curry with fresh yogurt

Apple cake with fresh yogurt

Vichyssoise, cold potato, leek and cream soup