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Organic, delicious and healthy

Organic dairy products don't just taste delicious, they are also very healthy. They are definitely something you should include in your daily diet. Pur Natur products are unique and you can literally taste it! Our mastery of the traditional art of yoghurt-making, our long history and our state-of-the-art production plans make Pur Natur yoghurts an automatic hands-down winner.
We have tastes and flavours to please everyone.
All our products are made with pasteurized fresh organic milk.

Pur Natur Yoghurt... also good for your health

Dairy products are an indispensable part of your diet to ensure healthy growth and development. They are excellent sources of calcium, protein, vitamins and minerals such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, vitamins B2, B9 and B12. Start the day with a Pur Natur yoghurt or a glass of fresh organic milk

As children, as we grow, our bodies produce more bone than is broken down. A sufficient calcium intake is essential to allow your body to manufacture enough bone tissue. If you don't get enough calcium while your body is still growing, you can never make this up later. So, you should always start the day with a healthy breakfast. And that means including Pur Natur natural organic yoghurt.

In older people calcium helps reduce the loss of bone density associated with ageing. Likewise, the magnesium, vitamin K and vitamin D contained in yoghurt contribute to fewer fractures.

Yoghurt with live cultures

Yoghurt is obtained by using specific micro-organisms to ferment milk. The live cultures in yoghurt contain lactobacillus and streptococcus sp. Yoghurt cultures are known to have positive effects on your health, such as, for example, helping your digestive system work better.
Remember that the enzymes are alive from production to consumption and promote the absorption of lactose (milk sugars). These live enzymes are also what gives your yoghurt its characteristic tanginess and aroma.

Sustainability is in our DNA

Pur Natur strives for continuous improvement. Our goal is to consistently bring healthy, high-quality and tasty products to the market. As a production unit, we constantly evaluate our working methods, processes and products to ensure that they are safe and acceptable for our employees, our suppliers, society and the environment. Everything starts with organic farming and our centralized, local milk collection service, in which we aim to optimize our operations throughout all links in the chain and within every department, each and every day.

Pur Natur controlled organic product  verified organic product

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