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Young leeks grown in the field – Pur Natur yoghurt – Parisian mushrooms

A recipe by Castor – Maarten Bouckaert

Leek purée


Dice some young leeks brunoise style, rinse thoroughly and fry gently in a knob of Pur Natur fresh churned butter. Mix with some finely mashed potatoes (boiled La Ratte potatoes put through a potato ricer) with a generous splash of Pur Natur fresh butter milk and finish with foamy brown butter (beurre noisette). Season to taste with salt and pepper. Top a briefly blanched ‘sheet’ of leek with hot mashed potato and roll up. Sprinkle the rolled-up leek with dried and crushed leek green. 

Young leek


Rinse the young (miniature) leek. Do not remove the green part. Immerse in cold water for a night (to remove the sand) and briefly blanch in salted boiling water. Briefly fry the leek in a frying pan in a splash of olive oil. Next, deep-fry until the green part is crunchy (optional). Sprinkle with a little fleur de sel and a pinch of piment d’espelette.

Leek-Greek style yoghurt coulis

  • 100g rinsed and finely chopped leek greens
  • 60g large-leafed spinach
  • 110g olive oil 

Transfer the leek to a Thermomix. Chop finely and add the spinach and the olive oil. Blend into a smooth mixture at 80°C in 15 minutes. Sieve on a bath of ice. Blend in some Pur Natur Greek style yoghurt with leek oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper. 

To serve

Arrange the leek roll-ups with leek purée on a warm plate and accompany with several rounds of blanched and fried leek. Finish with the miniature leek and slices of raw Parisian mushrooms cut into shapes. Serve with a few spoonfuls of leek coulis with Pur Natur Greek style yoghurt.