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Young monkfish with lovage butter - artichoke – sour cream

A recipe by Castor – Maarten Bouckaert

Lovage butter


Blend together 100g soft, Pur Natur unsalted butter, 50g spinach, 20g lovage, 20g pale miso paste, 25g salted peanuts and a pinch of black pepper. 



Remove the membranes from the monkfish (size: 500 - 700g) and sprinkle with a reasonably large amount of salt. (Do not remove the central bone.) Allow the fish to pickle in the salt for about 10 minutes, then rinse and pat dry. Fry the monkfish in some of the lovage butter (waiting until it foams), stirring in the rest of the butter, one spoonful at a time. (Fry for about 4 minutes. The fish may be a little glassy when you serve it.) 

Sour cream 


Using a whisk, blend a little finely chopped lovage and lemon zest into the Pur Natur sour cream 30%. Season to taste with salt and cayenne pepper. Allow to set in the fridge. 

To serve

Cut the fillets from the monkfish and delicately sprinkle with a little fleur de sel. Arrange the monkfish on a warm plate and finish with a few spoonfuls of the lovage sour cream. Optionally, you can serve this with a few blanched and fried artichoke hearts, braised young fennel, slices of raw radish and sprigs of chervil.