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Marinated trout

A recipe from Berto restaurant

Marinated trout & tartare, capucine tubers, Greek yoghurt with lime, Chervil coulis, cucumber sorbet with sour cream on a bed of crumble


2 fresh trouts
2 capucine tubers

Greek yoghurt
1 lime
pepper and salt
olive oil
4 tablespoons Pur Natur Greek style yoghurt

Chervil coulis
1 dl peanut oil
180 g fresh chervil

Cucumber sorbet with sour cream
150 g Pur Natur sour cream
150 g cucumber juice
7 g tarragon vinegar
6 g stabiliser

180 g flour
80 g sugar
200 g Pur Natur churned butter
pinch of salt


Fillet the trout and remove the backbones. Slice into nice 3 cm strips and put to marinate in lime juice and olive oil.
Cut the remainder as finely as possible into a tartare, season with pepper and salt, add lime juice if required. Make a quenelle from the trout tartare.
Mix all the ingredients of the Greek yoghurt, place in a piping bag and pipe on some nice dabs of the mixture.
Mix the fresh chervil and peanut oil until smooth and sprinkle on the dish.
Heat the ingredients of the cucumber sorbet and spin in a sorbet maker.
Prepare a crumble. Mix everything well and bake in an oven at 180 °C until a yellowy-brown.
Stir well with a fork every 2 minutes so it turns into a crumble. Leave to cool.
Arrange the crumble on the plate and put the sorbet on top so it doesn't slide off.
Slice the capucine tuber, marinate in olive oil or vinegar and place on the plate.


Garnish with capucine leaves and flowers to make a colourful plate.

Photography: Heikki Verdurme