Pur Natur fromage frais

Pur Natur fromage frais is made with organic Belgian milk, which contains essential nutrients that constitute the basic building blocks for a healthy body. Fromage frais not only provides significant amounts of high-quality protein (good for the maintenance of all kinds of bodily tissue), but is also rich in calcium.

Fresh semi-skimmed fromage frais 400g, traditionally made


Organic semi-skimmed fromage frais 400g, traditionally made.

In its cheese-making facility at Selles in Franche-Comté, Pur Natur continues the tradition of draining curd in cloth bags, like in the old days. The fromage frais is then manually scooped up, after which it is filtered and chilled. This slow, natural method captures the smells, flavours and taste of this traditional product, while preserving the cheese’s smooth and creamy texture.