New packaging lactose-free blueberry and strawberry flavoured yoghurt

LV fruit verpakkingswijziging

New single-portion packaging for our lactose-free fruit yoghurts.

 Convenient single-portion packaging

Those who are accustomed to our range of lactose-free products know that, although the lactose has been removed, the sublime, rich taste of Pur Natur yoghurt has been retained. This delicious low-fat stirred yoghurt is available in several mouth-watering flavours: plain, blueberry and strawberry.

As from 1 February 2022, the strawberry and blueberry variants will be available in a new, convenient single-portion 4x125g packaging.
Only the packaging will change; the delicious recipe will be retained.

To consumer demand

Changing to single-portion packaging did not come just like that, but is our answer to consumer demand. This way each family member can have their own delicious convenient dessert or snack.

Our plain lactose-free yoghurt will continue to be available in the well-known 400g pot.

Discover the blueberry pack 4x125g   Discover the strawberry pack 4x125g