Test project: less plastic, more Pur Natur!

Just as much Pur Natur, less plastic!

No, we didn’t make a mistake and forget the lid for your favourite yoghurt.

At Pur Natur, we strive for continuous improvement. Our main goal is to provide safe packaging for our quality products without wasteful use of materials. For instance, for some time now our 500g pots of yoghurt with fruit have been made of thinner plastic with a removable cardboard wrapper. The two are easily separated. This method uses 33% less plastic! Both the pot and the wrapper are also fully recyclable. The wrapper is FSC certified, meaning its cardboard comes from responsibly managed forests. You too can contribute!

Getting rid of disposable lids

We find it very unfortunate that our plastic lids often end up in the bin after a single use. For that reason, we have decided to stop providing our 500g containers of fruit yoghurt with these lids. We’ve recently begun leaving them off our Pur Natur 200ml cream cups and the 400g containers of our delectable new Skyr yoghurts as well.
Every little bit helps…This move will let us save close to 6 tonnes of plastic annually!
Are you in?

Do you mind the lack of lid?

Maybe you use up yoghurt or cream within the day anyway? Perhaps your family members find it so irresistible that resealing is pointless…
If you do wish to keep your yoghurt in the fridge for a few days after opening, we’re happy to offer some solutions, based on items you probably have lying around in your kitchen cupboards. Some alternative options:

Our commitment for the future

Pur Natur’s goal is to offer a non-stop selection of healthy, sustainable and high-quality products. As a producer, we continuously evaluate our methods, processes and products to keep them safe and acceptable to our employees, suppliers, the environment and society as a whole.