The history of Pur Natur: from a regional dairy business to a specialist producer of yogurt and quark



In 1902 the dairy operation St. Eligius was set up in the village of Kruishoutem in East Flanders. They Raw milk was collected from farmers in the surrounding area, skimmed and brought back.
Shortly after the end of World War II this grew into a fully-functioning dairy company under the name Melkinrichting Kruishoutem (Kruishoutem Dairy), abbreviated to MIK.

MIK’s original operations were expanded and ...


MIK produced a broad range of dairy products: milk, butter, butter milk and chocolate milk. Hundreds of milkmen were involved in distribution and schools and factories all over the region bought their dairy supplies from MIK. The company grew and eventually became a pioneer in the production of natural yogurt.

This set yogurt (yogurt fermented in the pot) can still be found in supermarkets today. Its small pots with different flavours ended up being very successful and MIK left a permanent mark on the dairy sector.

MIK was taken over in 1988, marking a move away from classic dairy products towards a greater specialization in yogurts, desserts and quark.

Our decision to bring out an organic yogurt in 1990 was quite a risky move at the time. Consumers knew that organic foods were healthy, but they didn't look in the least bit appetizing.

As a brand, we at Pur Natur set out to revolutionize organic yogurts, desserts and quark:

  1. The very best taste - better than the classic top brands
  2. Packaging that wasn't flashy – just authentic and stylish
  3. 100% organic - with no compromises

Today Pur Natur supplies a large range of dairy products to Belgium and abroad.